DSi V1.43 Compatibility List and User Guide

Nintendo DSi V1.43 firmware update has been released for ages, yet,at present,there just few cards can compatibility this new firmware.Following is a compatibility list for cards that has been confirmed to support the new firmware update :

Working List

R4i gold 3DS
Supercard DStwo
iSmart MM
Cyclo DS

Incoming List

R4isdhc 3ds
acekard 2i

How to make flashcard working on DSi v1.43

R4i gold 3ds card

R4i gold 3DS flashcard is the first card to support DSi V1.43.What’s more,it doesn’t need any updating.Just download the latest kernel v1.3.2 and then plug it and play it.

iSmart MM

iSmart today released the update patch to update for DSi V1.43, just download the patch and then replace the old file for the new file, done !

Download iSmart MM firmware
Download iSmart patch for V1.43


Supercard dstwo released the update patch 12 hours later, they released a new firmware for DSTwo, users just download the latest firmware and then use it, easy as well!
Download DSTWO EOS v1.11(0630) Supports DSi 1.4.3

As far as i’m concerned,more and more flashcart will add this list,maybe just the matter of time,so,let’s look forward to its coming soon.


if you have other cards in hand , then dont update the firmware now, just wait until your card releases the update patch !

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