Sharing News : How to find an ideal game accessory

Today,i came accross a discount news about some famous flaschart and i think that maybe a good news for Nintendo fans,so,i post here for sharing.Here is a more infor :


” July Discount Activity is holding on digitopz ,come around to find what is the special item for you. What’s more,we will keep updating the infor of favorable items,so please drop by digitopz .

Discounted Product Sector

r4i-sdhc 3ds flashcart : 15% off,save your money

R4i gold 3ds

this is the first one flaschart to support dsi v1.4.3 and 3ds v2.1.0_3 without any updating needed.Wanna to buy one ? Now it’s the best time,you can save much money in digitopz.”

As far as i’m concerned,if you are looking a card for your handheld,you may as well come around and have a look,maybe it is really a good chance.

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