ACE3DS Kernel Download

ACE3DS  is a new 3ds flashcard released by flashcart company as it was,yet,their technology very mature.It was said that this team has accumulated many experience in flahcart and was comitted to create a card suits for more people.

Feature list :

  • Built in moonshell 2.10 beta, brower,EMAIL and E-books sofeware supporting
  • Adopts latest mochip to enlarge standby time
  • Built in RTG Function to boot slot-2 perfectly
  • Supports Nintendo 3DS ver 2.1.0-3(J,E,U) as well as the newest DSi V1.4.3 Firmware perfectly
  • Compatible with all DS editions of different kinds of language
  • Supports the WIFI game, DS Rumble pack, DS Browser

Download Address : ACE3DS Kernel


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