Flashcard Compatibility List

Following is a flaschart compatibility list,check the infor to get more details :
(Note : this list will keep upating,so welcome to drop by ACE3DS blog anytime.)
Flashcard 3DS Compatibility DSi Compatibility Official Website Notes
Gold R4i 3D 2.1.0-3 1.4.3 http://www.r4ids.cn directly support
AK2i 2.1.0-3 1.4.3 http://www.acekard.com need to update firmware
Supercard dstwo 2.1.0-3 1.4.3 http://www.supercard.sc directly support (use the newest kernel)
ACE3DS 2.1.0-3 1.43 http://www.ace3ds.com – –
R4i-SDHC 3DS 2.1.0-3 1.4.2 http://www.r4i-sdhc.com directly support
CycloDS 1.0.0-1 1.43 running in DSi mode/1.4.2 in normal mode http://www.cyclopsds.com – –
M3i Zero 2.0.0-2 1.4.2 http://www.m3adapter.com need to update firmware
R4i SDHC 2.0.0-2 1.4.2 http://www.r4sdhc.com need to update firmware
R4i Gold 2.1.0-3 1.4.2 http://www.r4ids.cn need to update firmware
DSTTi 1.0.0-1 1.4.2 http://www.ndstt.com need to update firmware
iEDGE DS don’t support 1.4.2 http://www.edge-ds.cn need to update firmware
iSMART MM do not support 1.4.3 http://www.ismartds.com need to update firmware
R4itt (purple) 2.1.0-3 1.4.3 http://www.R4itt.net need to update firmware
EX4 DS 1.0.0-1 1.4.1 http://www.ex4ds.com – –
Ezflash vi 2.0.0-2 1.4.2 http://www.ezflash.cn need to update firmware
Last update by: digitopz.com July 23,2011
Only for your reference, welcome to correct any misinformation

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