3DS Save De/Encrypter V1.4 Released

Who is 3DS Save De/Encrypter ?

3DS Save De/Encrypter is a Windows application for decrypting and encrypting 3DS save files

What Can it be Used for ?

a 3DS game save Decrypter & Encrypter with functions to tell you information about the game save as well as the latest feature of creating an EEPROM Erase save file which will restore a cartridge back to it’s factory default setting.

What’s more,in the respect of Hardware, such as the NDS Adaptor Plus with version 3.02 software is required to grab the save file from the 3DS game cart.

Basic Infor about 3DS Save De/Encrypter

Releaser : Blite

Version : V1.4

Features :

  • Decryption now places “FF” into decrypted file incase of CRC checksum miscalculations while attempting to calculate checksums. So now removed the need for backwards compatibility with 3DS SaveTool by crediar as it’s no longer required.
  • Some people have said they needed a file to get the application running so added COMCTL32.OCX to archive for those people that need it.
  • Added an icon for aesthetics.


v1.1 -Save File info
-Conversion of decrypted files using 3DS Save DeEncrypter to those that 3DSaveTool will support.

Down the line 

-CRC info in Save File info
-Specific game save information: currently working on: – Resident Evil Mercenaries

Updated Download – 3DS Save De/Encrypter v1.4

This news was reported by digitopz.com and welcome drop by ace3ds blog anytime.

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