Internet Browser for Nintendo 3DS Was Released by Nintendo Official

This is a updated news about Nintendo 3DS that Nintendo has released source code for the 3DS Internet Browser to comply with the OSS Licenses.It was said that the Internet Browser includes open source software licensed under the terms of the GNU library General Public License 2.0 or GNU Lesser General Public license 2.1 (collectively “the OSS Licenses”).

Here is a more details

Quote from official

“In compliance with the OSS Licenses, we are making the source code of the open source software available to you.Please note that the open source software is without warranty of any kind.For more information on LGPL please see the e-manual of the Internet Browser for Nintendo 3DS”

many players who has used Nintendo 3DS browser maybe very welcome this open source and will think it is very useful.In fact,this browser was used by us in the daily , such as in  a wireless network environment, you can play the game as well as watch the graphic strategy at the same time. What’s more,you can still use your browser to see 3 D photo.

Yet,just as everything has two sides,some of people have a double for Nintendo action as well.They thought Maybe nintendo official has suffered a pressure that their 3DS fail to be broken,so they released this internet browser on purpose.For, once the open source appeared,there will arise different edited and CFW Version Browser that was developed by some hackers,then,at that time,the nintendo will take advantage of this to open up a new way for their own development.

Different people have different view,then,what’s your opinion ?


3DS Internet Browser Download

3DS Flashcard

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