Guide : How to Change your Ak2i Skin

Wanna to refresh your acekard 2i skin to make it more meet your taste or fashionable ? Now,follow above steps and DIY your own favorite skins :

Things your need to be prepared in advance

1.Prepare your Ackeard 2i Cartidge,Micro SD Card.

2.A Console ( 3DS System/DSi/XL/NDS/NDSL)

Note : If you use 3DS or DSi system,please assure your card can compatibility its system well.In case of your card be blocked,you can follow this guide to unblock your card : Ak2i 3DS Card DSi V1.4.3/3DS V2.14 update guide

Steps :

1.Download the ak2i latest akaio V1.88 in acekard official and upzip it,open the folder,and copy the root files into your Micro SD card.

2. Download the skin styles according to your own taste  from  ak2i official ,then unzip the package,open the folder.

3.Open the kernel file “_aio”, and you will see a root file “ui”,then,copy the unpacked skin file into “ui” file

4.Boot your console ( Here i choose DSi V1.43 system for example).

you will see the icons : “DORASU”,that’s to say,your AK2i card can well compatibility DSi latest firmware

then click button ” A “ to enter Akaio GUI

Please pay attention,now it’s time to process the changes

5.Press ” Start”,choose ” System Options “, then” Interface Theme” one after one.After you choose your desired styles,the system will ask you “Are you want to save the curent setting”,press key ” A “ to choose “Yes “,then the follow the system guide to restart your console, then you will change your skin successfully.

See these two comparison picture (original one and the changed one)

original one                                                                                                          changed one


It’s can try it yourself as well.Now,choose your own styles  at your will.

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