Who is Supercard dstwo sdk v1.2 and How to use it ?

Today,supercard dstwo team released a updated news about their software that they have updated their ds2sdk to V1.2.As we knew,ds2sdk can be seen as a multimedia development kit,and V1.2 version offers more access and fixes many of the quirks present in the previous edition.

Here is a more information about dstwo sdk v1.2

Who is ds2sdk ?

ds2sdk is an interface of application layer and driver layer.It’s collection of GCC compiler, ds2 hardware driver library,some open source library and so on,mainly help software lovers to develop program which run on DSTWO.

What the ds2sdk can be used to do?

ds2sdk can be seen as a multimedia development kit. Hardware layer mainly provides audio and video transmission function. By ds2sdk upper layer interface, you can transfer audio data and video data to NDS, the same, you can put NDS hardware information and real-time clock information back to the upper application. So, if you’re a software enthusiast, depending on ds2sdk, all audio and video related things, you can try to do.

For example, you can develop or transplant your own reading software by ds2sdk,or you thought that the official iReader has room for improvement, you can make improvement for it(by the way, the latest version of the iReader source will be fully public released).

You can transplant, or improve the relevant simulator, or do your own home-made software, such as MP3 players, MPLAYER player. You can even make your own game if you wish. In short, if you are a software enthusiast,ds2sdk gives you a stage.

3 How to use the ds2sdk?
In order to use ds2sdk, you need to do the following things:
( 1 ) Setup development environment, include linux environment and cross-compiling environment.
( 2 ) Your application program is required the entry: ds2_main(), ds2_main() is the same as the function of main()
in the general program.
( 3 ) Related hardware and software initialization(Including video, audio, input, output devices and so on):
by the function ds2io_init() or function ds2io_initb() to complete.
( 4 ) Initialize the console: the function ConsoleInit() to complete.
( 5 ) Initialize file systems: by function fat_init () to complete.
This file system can only read and write SD card in DSTWO.
( 6 ) Enter the user main program, hence, the control has given to the user application program.

4 How to setup development environment of the ds2sdk?

Linux operation system are required to build the cross-comiling evironment.If your computer’s operating system is just linux, that is best.But now the situation is that many program developers may be working on Windows. How to do it? Fortunately, there are many ways to simulate linux environment on Windows.
CYGWIN and VM(virtual Machine) technology can do this. CYGWIN employ some special DLL to enable Linux program
run on Windows, it require fewer disk space and memory space, but the compability may be not the best. So,
Cygwin is not recommended. The most effective method is to install VM on Windows, for example, VMware Workstation and VirtualBox. Although they take up much CPU and memory resources and hard disk space more than CYGWIN,but the compatibility is better, you will encounter problems as little as possible. I personally recommend the use of VMware Workstation. Here we setup a linux environment by VMware Workstation 6 and Fedora 9.

ds2sdk v1.2 Download link

ds2sdk v1.2

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