How to use supercard dstwo to play 5867-Kirby Mass Attack On your NDS/3DS

Referred to Kirby Mass Attack,maybe at present,it was a very popular NDS Games.No wonder,So many 3DS Flashcart’s firmware have been udpated to compatibility this game. Following is a more detail :

Rom Code : 5867

Game Title : Kirby Mass Attack

Platform : NDS/DSi /3DS

Developer : Nintendo

Genre : Action

Game Compatibility :  DSTwo   Ak2i

Download Link : 5867-Kirby Mass Attack

Game Plot

Some evil person has split Kirby into 10 pieces, and now he must go on a quest to regain his original form. Having to feed 10 mouths would likely be a challenge, but in Kirby Mass Attack we weren’t able to use his signature “inhale everything that crosses our path” talent. Instead, we either tapped on enemies to send a flurry of Kirbys to pounce on an enemy, or we swiped madly across the touch screen to launch deadly Kirby projectiles into waddle dees. Either way worked, although some of the bigger foes required a specific tactic.

Yet,this updated kirby Mass Attack,with a new power,Kirby will attrack foes iteself as long as players put it near around the enemy.

Game Video Show

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