How to fix R4i-SDHC 3DS V3.0.0-5 Upgrade White screen error (due to v1.49b)

As we knew, now, r4i 3ds can directly work well on 3DS V2.0.0-5 by using V1.49b firmware,but some user maybe meet some problem when use this firmware and , several days ago,the has released a alarming that the R4i V1.49b existed some bugs,and they also released the latest firmware v1.51b to fix this problem. In the normal case,players can use this latest firmware to recovery the v1.49b problem for V3.0,yet,some players maybe still met some problems,such as white screen. Just in order to help players who who upgrad the 3ds cart to cause white screen error, they released White screen fix software to fix this error.

Following is a detailed guide

1. Please prepare a NDSL console, workable flash cart and the r4i-sdhc flash cart with white screen problem.

r4isdhc 3ds

2. Download the latest firmware v1.51b and white screen fix software from, unzip it and copy to the root directory of SD card.


3. Plug-in the any workable flash cart to NDSL.

4. Go-to the “GAMES” menu.

r4isdhc 3ds 1

5. Execute the “FixWhiteScreen3dsv30”, screen below will pop-up.

6. Do not  shut  down  the  power  of  the  console. Replace  the working flash  cart  with  the problem  r4i-sdhc white screen flash cart. Then press button “A” to start repairing. Attention: Do not insert micro SD card to the problem r4i-sdhc white screen flash cart during upgrading.


7. Repairing program start, makes sure NDSL console has enough power, and do not remove the flash cart during repairing process.

8. After couples minutes of waiting, once repairing done, used the v1.50b kernel to run 3DS V3.0.0-5

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