Latest News about R4i-SDHC 3DS and R4i gold 3DS

Just as we all knew,in some degree,r4isdhc 3ds from r4i-sdhc .com and r4i gold 3ds from are  representives of r4 family and both of these two cards have been tested and accepted by most of players .and here are two pieces of updated news about these two cards,please read following content to get more details :

For 3ds r4i gold

WOOD R4 V1.43 for r4i gold 3ds was released,and you can download it from here : R4i gold 3ds V1.43


* ‘tinker bell + tinker bell and the lost treasure (europe)’ fixed.
* ‘call of duty – black ops (europe) (es,it)’ fixed.
* ‘bakuman mangaka e no michi (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘fab style (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘maplestory ds (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘rpg tkool ds+ (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘cars 2 (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘crafting mama (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘kaizoku sentai gokaiger atsumete henshin! 35 sentai! (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘korg ds-10+ synthesizer (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘ore-sama kingdom koi no manga mo debut o mokushise (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘toy story 3 (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘kuma no pooh-san 100 acre no mori no cooking book (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘5-kyuu kara 1-kyuu kanzen taiou saikin kako mondai – nijishiken taisaku – eiken kanzenban (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘gokujou mecha mote iinchou mm my best friend (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘byoutai seiri ds – image dekiru! shikkan, shoujou to care (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘kaibou seirigaku ds – touch de hirogaru! jintai no kouzou to kinou (japan) (rev 2)’ fixed.
* ‘shoukou shindan training ds (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘shin noukyou iku’ fixed.
* ‘yamakawa shuppansha kanshuu – shousetsu nihonshi b – shin sougou training plus (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘yamakawa shuppansha kanshuu – shousetsu sekaishi b – shin sougou training plus (japan)’ fixed.
* ‘suisui physical assessment training ds (japan)’ fixed.

For R4isdhc 3ds

R4i V1.52b firmware for r4isdhc and r4isdhc 3ds have been updated,this time updating mainly fixed some bugs of nds games  and you can download the latest firmware  here :  R4i sdhc 3DS

R4i V1.52b Update:

1.Support 3DS V3.0.0-6Please goto “setting/upgrade” to upgrade frimware.
2. Fix recreate save file issues due to NDS filename big/small capital letter problem.
3. Improve unkown new games loading routine (to avoid errcode=-4 problem).
4. New hints screen, presss “START” to view hints.
5. Solved games:

5934 – Call of Duty: Black Ops (EU)
5930 – Tinkerbell – 2 Disney Games (EU)
5597 – ATARI Greatest Hits: Volume 2 (US)

6. Fix london life white screen.

XXXX – Crafting Mama (JP)
XXXX – Cars 2 (JP)
XXXX – Fab Style (J)
XXXX – Gokujyo! Mecha mode iincho MM my best friend (JP) (DSi Enhanced)
XXXX – Kaizoku sentai Go Ranger Atsumete Henshin! 35 Sentai DS (JP)
XXXX – MapleStory DS (JP)
XXXX – Ore Sama Kingdom Koi no Manga mo Debut o Mokushise! Doki Doki Love Lesson (JP)
XXXX – RPG Tsukuru DS Plus: Create the New World (JP)
XXXX – Toy Story 3 (JP)
XXXX – Yamakawa Shuppansha Kanshuu Shousetsu Sekaishi DS (JP)
XXXX – Yamakawa Shuppansha Kanshuu: Shousetsu Nihonshi DS (JP)


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