GBA Poll Outcomes about ” Which Flashcart were more popular ? “

Several days ago,GBA forum has hold a public poll about “Which Flash Cart Should I Get?”  Most of players have post a poll and showed their oponion about the flashcart that they liked and according to the results,three cards was ranked more popular list :



R4i gold 3ds

DSTWO Supercard dstwo
ak2i acekard 2i
ps3 true blue1 r4i gold 3ds

Following summary i qutoed from original post maybe can better account for my these three cards so popular :

Supercard DStwo

The SCDS2 is the flagship of all DS flashcarts, as unanimously stated by everyone here. It also has an alternate loader called iMenu, which is visually pretty sweet and highly customizable. One of the most expensive carts, but in this case you get what you pay for in terms of features.

Acekard 2i

Its unoffiicial loader for AK2i, AKAIO, has great support. MAIO for Acekard 2i provides all the functionality of AKAIO with an awesome GUI (which allows you to boot commercial ROMs directly from Moonshell 2).

R4i Gold 3DS

WoodR4 provides a simple menu and none of the advanced features like SCDS2, but it works great. You can even use MAIO for R4 if you want a nicer GUI. As the name suggests, it works with the 3DS (as do SCDS2 and AK2i).

If fact,from,here is a another detailed 3ds flashcart pick up guide,you can reference it here : How to pick up the right 3DS Cards

IMO,this poll was very meaningful,in some degree,it maybe helpful for those person who needed it. Thanks for GBA Team.

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