Which 3DS flashcart can directly work on DSi V1.44 ?

Just as we all knew,since DSi firmware V1.44 updated news announced,there were some 3ds cards have passed this block,yet some cards still struggle to go out of V1.44 block. And according to a latest updated poll and test,there also are some cards can directly work well on DSi latest firware v1.44.I have quoted from original post and wrote here for sharing :
DSi V1.44 Directly working Cards

r4i gold 3ds
r4isdhc 3ds

Working DSi V1.44 with updated patch

iSmart MM

non working list

Acekard 2i

I have tested my r4i gold 3ds and dstwo and it works well on my V144 and i think,later more and more cards will join the list,maybe just the matter of time.For these two cards,i just need to download the latest firmware and it works.

Note : never update your console before updating your card.


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