R4ITT 3DS User Guide for DSi V1.44 and 3DS V3.0.0-6

Maybe as you know,R4ITT 3DS  is a upgrade versions of R4 and Dstt with multi-media features which can support SDHC and run most games and homebrews.When it out of factory,there are two types,one is called purple R4iTT3DS,the other one was Black R4i TT 3DS,both of these two cards can directly work well on DSi V1.44 and 3DS V3.0.0-6 without any updating ,but note,they dont share kernel firmware,each one has its own firmware.

Just like other 3DS Flashcart,such as dstwo,ak2i,and so on,R4ITT 3DS can directly work on  DSi V1.44 and 3DS V3.0.0-6 too,so this article is a basic guide on how to update R4itt 3ds card to  DSi V1.44 and 3DS V3.0.0-6 :

User Manual

1.If you are Purple R4iTT3DS or Black R4i TT 3DS users,you can download the latest firmware here : R4ITT 3DS Card .

2.unzip it,open the folder and copy following content into your micro sd card,just like the pix shows :

3.Power your console and enter the home menu :
R4iTT 3DS Menu

4.Click start key and then enter the R4ITT GUI and Choose the QUCIK button after enter game list menu,then you can enjoy your games

R4i tt 3DS Purple 

R4i tt 3DS Purple

R4i tt 3DS Black

R4i TT 3DS Black

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