How to fix DSTwo 3DS “no system file found” Problem ?

There is no wonder dstwo was the best flashcart at present,which has gained a good reputation among players.Just as we knew,now 3DS firmware and DSi firmware has been updated to V4.1.0-8 and V1.44 and supercard dstwo can work perfectly on them without any updating needed. Most of players have succeed in doing so,yet,still maybe some users will meet some problems,such as “blank screen”,”no system file found” or ” error happened,pls turn off your power ” and so on.

So,following is a effective fixed way for thest problems,mainly out of my experience,not so professional,just for sharing :

You can follow this guide

Step 1: Download the firmware 1.19 and DSTWO EOS v1.11_0323(2012-03-23)  from
Step 2: Unzip them,open the folder and copy the root files into your micro sd card.
Step 3: Find a DS console (NDSDSDSLiteDSi3DS) which can run this EOS system, if you have the latest version console can not run EOS system, sorry, you have to find one.
Step 4: Turn on the power, EOS will detect the upgrade file, press A to upgrade.

if still nonworking,then you need format your micro sd card first,then you can try this way:

You should get a NDSL and another flashcard(such as : ak2i,r4i sdhc or any one card ,here i called “A”), which works properly on NDSL.

1.Download A card firmware and unzip it ,open the folder and copy the root files into your Micro SD card;
2.Download dstwo loader,if you need,you can contact me and i will send to you. =)  and unzip it,open the folder,then you will get file dstwo_load_NDSL.nds and put it into your micro sd card as well.
3.Insert your micro sd card into A card and put A card into your console and power it to run dstwo_load_NDSL.nds on a DS/DSL,then you should see this screen :
4.Take “A” card out of the NDSL and Reinsert your broken dstwo card into the NDSL;

Note : assure your micro sd card with dstwo latest firmware V1.11 and Updated patch V1.19 and dstwo_load_NDSL.nds root files before you insert your broken dstwo into your NDS.
5.Press KEY_A and the updating process will begin;
6.You should keep your NDSL powered on during the updating process;
8.IF the result shows SUCCESS, it means you have updated your dstwo successfully and this card can work on

If neither of them working for you,then i’m afraid you have to contact retailer to exchange a new one for you or just  buy a new one from a trustwothy store from here : Buy dstwo ,or you can google it.In the most case,these two fixed way will work.Anyway,good luck ~

supercard dstwo

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