3DS Newest Generation 3DS XL is Incoming !

Here is a confirmed news from Nintendo official that the newest generation of 3DS Console,named 3DS XL is incoming . The official unveiled  that the 3DS XL was schedualed put in the Japen market on2012-7-28, then August 19rd in USA and  August 23rd in Australia and New Zealand. More details can be read following content :

It was said the the noticeable changes of 3DS XL lies in two sides :

1.The new console offers a 4.88″ top screen, and the total viewing area on the top and bottom screens has increased by a massive 90%.

2.It comes with a 4GB SD card too, up from the regular system’s 2GB. In Japan and Europe it will not come with an AC adaptor or charging cradle; in North America, the 3DS XL will come with an AC adaptor.

and here is a comparison between 3DS XL  and other consoles ,i think,from which you will more clearly find the 3ds xl features :

Nintendo 3DS XL: Length 156mm x Width 93mm x Height 22mm (closed) Weight: 336g.
Nintendo 3DS: Length 134mm x Width 74mm x Height 21mm (closed) Weight: 235g.
Nintendo DSi XL Length 161mm x Width 91mm x Height 21mm (closed) Weight: 314g.

The console also gets a boost in battery life compared to the regular 3DS console:

Nintendo 3DS XL
3DS software — Between 3.5hrs and 6.5hrs
DS software — Between 6hrs and 10hrs

Nintendo 3DS
3DS software — Between 3hrs and 5hrs
DS software — Between 5hrs and 8hrs.

What’s more,difference region with difference 3ds xl colur optional, in Australia and New Zealand on the 23rd of August. It will cost $249.95 AUD, and will be available in three colour combinations:

  • Silver + Black
  • Red + Black
  • Blue + Black

In USA,199.99USD and two colour combinations :

  • Red + Black
  • Blue + Black

In Japan,the price was 18900JPY ,following colours available :

  • Silver + Black
  • Red + Black
  • White

Just like former console,the 3ds flashcart then can work on 3DS can work well on 3ds xl too.


Blue also very nice


Anyway,a good news , let’s just patient waitting for more updating news. 😀


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