What’s the popular 3DS Flashcart ?

What’s the most popular flashcart ? This is not a new topic any more, if you check forums or other news sharing place,you will find tons of  topic about it. And according to GBA Forum Poll,there are five popular cards welcomed by users,they are respectively supercard dstwo,acekard 2i,r4i gold 3ds,Ace3DS PLUS.


As for the best card, it’s debatable. The DSTwo in terms of features is the best, as it has a CPU in the card that lets it run GBA emulators and SNES emulators at (mostly) full speeds. It’s the more expensive of the DS Flashcards. Now,3DS Firmware has been updated to V4.4.0-10,and dstwo 3ds can directly work on it as well.


Speaking of best value for money, acekard 2i is your best choose. and it can support 3DS V4.3.0-10 and DSi V1.44 perfectly .It was also famous for its akaio firmware. The only imperfect of ak2i 3ds lies in its slower firmware updating.

R4i gold 3ds

Pls make sure you bought the card from r4ids.cn. I personally would choose the r4i gold 3ds, seeing as I’ve had one since launch and it has yet to fail me. It uses wood firmware and with a quicker firmware updating and always the first card to bypass the block of firmware updating.So,if all you want is DS games/homebrew,then this card is right for you.


This is the new card from ace3ds.com ,with Several built-in emulators including FC、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO, play different games.This is the cheapest 3ds flashcart at present and can directly work on 3ds and dsi latest firmware .This card is specially right for newies.and here is a store provide wholesale Ace3DS PLUS , cheaper price and faster shipping as well.If you are in the market and want to buy more,maybe you can take game4deal into account.

Difference people with difference taste , difference purpose, maybe just live up to own requirments that’s the best .  😀

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