(Blue) Ace3DS PLUS Xmas Package Arrives Officially !

Here is a updated news from ace3ds.com that the Xmas Package for Ace3DS PLUS is available now.The new package is specially for incoming Xmas and adopts blue as its colour to match with the first type pink one. Let’s have a quicker look at the blue Ace3DS PLUS pix first :


The original pink one


Referred to Ace3DS PLUS,the striking features of it lies in cheapest price yet  better technology supporting,Maybe that’s why it was so popular in most forum and accepted by more and more users.As we knew,3DS Firmware has been updated to V4.4.0-10 ,yet,Ace3DS PLUS can directly work on it without any updating needed.Most of stores provides pre-flashed plus now, if you want buy more for incoming Xmas gift, you can go to game4deal, wholesale Ace3DS PLUS ,more cheaper and fastest.

Except good technology supporting,Ace3DS PLUS comes with several built-in emulators including FC、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO, play different games .More quicker firmware updating also can be regarded as one of its features .

From above message,we knew that there are two colour optional choose for Ace3DS PLUS Flashcart, Blue one and Pink one,so which one is your favorite ?  😀


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