Which is the best 3DS Card for 3DS V4.5.0-10 and DSi V1.45 ?

As for the best card, it’s still debatable.The DSTwo in terms of features is the best, as it has a CPU in the card that lets it run GBA emulators and SNES emulators at (mostly) full speeds,but it’s the more expensive of the DS Flashcards.While Speaking of best value for money, acekard 2i will be the best choose.Anyway,different people with different views.

According to former poll vote from GBA about “What’s your favorite flashcart”,these cards ranked the popular list :

Supercard dstwo

Acekard 2i

R4i gold 3ds

R4i-sdhc 3ds

and following is a short summary about these popular cards :

DSTwo 3DS :  There is no wonder dstwo is the best and most powerful card at present. It builds in GBA and SNES emulators and maybe as you know,now 3ds and dsi firmware has been preflashed to V4.5.0-10 and V1.45,but dstwo can work perfectly on it.

Tips : Far as i knew,now many stores provide preflashed dstwo,so you dont need any updating after you received your package, you can buy preflashed card from here  : buy dstwo

R4i gold 3ds : This is a very popular r4 card,unlike former r4 clone card,r4i gold 3ds from r4ids.cn with a better technology supporting.It use wood firmware,with a quicker updating.It’s the first card to be announced supporting 3ds and dsi latest firmware.

AK2I :  Though it with a slower updating,yet,have to say it was still popular.After all,it use famous akaio firmware and the price is attractive as well.But at present,it can just work on 3ds v4.3.0-9 and dsi v1.44.

Summary :  Get a DSTwo if you want GBA/SNES emulators or other extra features ,but if you just want to buy a flash cart that play ds games, you really don’t need to buy the dstwo card, r4i gold 3ds will be enough for you, no need to spend much more on dstwo card.



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