3DS Flashcart Report (2013-1-15)

Just as many users knew,M3i zero, R4 Card, Acekard 2i as well as DSTwo were four famous card and welcomed by most players in the NDS era.Then what is they like in the new 3DS era ? Following is a simply report about above four card developement.


Though as for the best card, it’s still debatable,yet,the DSTwo in terms of features is regarded to be  the best, as it has a CPU in the card that lets it run GBA emulators and SNES emulators at (mostly) full speeds. What’s more,it with a quicker updating.Now 3DS and DSi firmware has been updated to V4.5.0-10 and DSi V1.45,yet,dstwo can work perfectly on it, and you can buy preflashed dstwo from here : buy dstwo

Powerful features,quicker firmware updating as well as good technology supporting,no wonder dstwo was always so popular and can stand solid in the market.

Acekard 2i

This is the first card to support DSi, famous akaio firmware, favorable price made acekard very attractive,so this card was regarded to be most popluar card. The only imperfectly point lies in its slower  updating,in GBA forum,some players even suggest get rid of acekard 2i. If you dont like update your  console,then Speaking of best value for money, acekard 2i is your best choose.

R4i card

Once before,R4I Clone was rejected by most of players,it doesnt with a good reputation.Yet,now R4i gold 3ds from r4ids.cn seems has big changed people’s view toward to R4i card. At present,the hottest card is r4i gold 3ds, quicker firmware updating,using wood firmware and with a good technology supporting.What’s more,the price is very cheaper.

M3i zero

This card is from a famous flashcart company, very hot in the NDS era.Nowadays,it almost stopped updating,once before,it has been called a dead card.Yet luckily, several days before,the team finally released a updated patch for 3ds v4.5.0-10 and dsi v1.45 . Later as it is ,yet,still a good news.

Summary :

Get a DSTwo if you want GBA/SNES emulators or an R4i Gold from r4ids.cn if all you want is DS games/homebrew.





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