Nintendo 3DSV8.1.0-19 Released. Ace3ds plus can directly work on 3DSV8.1.0-19,no any updating needed.

Nintendo 3DSV8.1.0-19 Released on Aug8th,2014. We have tested Ace3ds plus and can confirm that Ace3ds plus can directly work on 3DSV8.1.0-19, no any updating needed. if you want to buy Ace3ds plus for 3DSV8.1.0-19, pls go to ace3ds plus official reseller Digitopz (

Here are the changelog of 3DSV8.1.0-19:


We have tested that supercard dstwo and r4i gold 3ds can also directly work well on 3DSV8.1.0-19. for other flashcards, we will test it as soon as possible and will keep updating the below list about which flashcard can work on 3DSV8.1.0-19 at the first time.

Which flashcard suport 3DSV8.1.0-19?
DStwo (From

r4i gold 3DS (From



R4i gold pro 2014(From

R4i shdc dual core 2014(From

R4i sdhc sliver card(From

Can i update my 3DSV4.1-4.5?

No, you can’t update your 3DSV4.1-4.5. pls do not update it. Because  Gateway 3ds, mt-card,r4i gold 3DS deluxe edition and other 3ds games card are not compatible with 3DSV8.1.0-19. if you update your 3DSV4.1.0, you can’t play 3ds games any more.

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