ACE3DS Kernel V1.14 Released !

Now,ACE3DS Firmware udpated to V1.14,this upate fixed some system bugs as well as improve the UI.You can refresh or download V1.14 here : ACE3DS v1.44 .

Following is the list of  games bug fixed by ACE3DS :

5822 – Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (KOR)
5821 – Mays Mysteries the Secret of Dragonville (EU)
5820 – Jewel Quest 4 Heritage (EU)
5819 – Bandz Mania (EU)
5818 – Paws and Claws Pampered Pets 2 (US) (DSi Enhanced)
5817 – Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunter (US)
5816 – Imagine Gymnast (US) (DSi Enhanced)

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