R4isdhc/R4isdhc 3DS with Christmas Package as well as Exquisite Gifts is Available !

Here was a sharing news with all of your guys,i happened to meet it in digitopz.com that Exquisite Gifts to Those Who Purchase the R4i-SDHC Cards during the Christmas Season is available ! Please read following content to get more details :

Quote from digitopz

” Now,Exquisite Gifts to those Who Purchase any r4isdhc cards,such as the R4i-SDHC,or r4isdhc 3ds during the Christmas Season is available ! Following are the list of gifts.

Any cusotmers who consumed above 50USD at one time, will get a High-quality Screen Protector for NDSi /3DS  ,like this pix :


If Consumed over 75USD,we will very glad to provide a very beautiful ” Hight Quality USB”


Well,if over 1ooUSD at one time,you will get a High Quality USA as a gift

IMO,maybe this is will do little help to those who really need this item.What’s more,it seems that these gifts seems good and very useful.



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