R4i family representatives : R4i gold 3ds and r4isdhc 3ds

In the past,R4i series card was known by most people as a “Clone card”,in other words,they were not welcomed by most players.Maybe just in order to prove itselves, their developers took pains to improve their card function and as we have seen,at present,some of r4i cards were very popular among lots of users,especially r4i gold 3ds and r4isdhc 3ds.

When Nintendo updated the 3DS firmware for the first time,almost all of 3DS flashcart was blocked,but r4i gold 3ds is the first one to bypass this block and their team also announced that their card can directly compatibility 3DS latest firmware without any updating needed.Then in the wake of r4i gold 3ds card,the r4i-sdhc team made it too.What’s more,both of these two cards are a new card specially for 3DS console.

From my own experience ( for i have tested both of these two cards on my 3ds V2.10_4 and DSi V1.43),these two cards are good and work well.Though they are not famous or even powerful as DSTwo (in fact,i like dstwo best),yet,after all,it was cheaper and embody most of fucntions of dstwo too,the most important,they have been tested by many players and are accepted and welcomed by more and more users too.

Here are some special features i have known for them :

For r4i gold 3DS

1.r4i gold 3ds flashcard is the first one 3ds flashcart to support 3DS V2.10_4 and DSi v1.43 without any updating.
2.Frequently wood update to fix some bugs to improve their card stability and compatibility more games.
3.support WIFI to update firmware

For r4i-sdhc 3ds 

1.With anti-fake function,by which we can check its real or fake ourselves.
2.support WIFI to update firmware.
3.Can directly compatibility 3DS V2.10_4 without any updating needed.

I got above features just from my own experience,which was a simple one,maybe not so fully,if you can find more releated information,welcome to share here.And i hope my post will do little help for those who needed.

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