DSi 1.4.4u Firmware Update will block 3DS flashcart ?

Here came a updated news from GBA forum that now DSi firmware has been updated to V1.4.4U in Europe and the US.This is another firmware update for DSi till now.

Maybe just like all of your guys,the things i most concerned was whether this time firmware will blocked any famous flashcart,such as dstwo,ak2i,and so on.but about the udpated details,the official seems didnt release too much.So,IMO,we’d better not update our dsi firmware before more news confirmed.

Following is a warning from original post

“Well, it looks like Nintendo has updated the DSi firmware to version 1.4.4 in Europe and the US. Of course, flashcart owners should take caution as the use of your card could be blocked by this update. Join the on-going discussion linked below.”

Yet,I think,this news have drew all flashcart company attention and they will try their best to confirm whether their cards can work well on the latest firmware,so let’s stay tune it.

dsi v1.4.4

PS : Here is aconfirmed news that the first flashcart to be bypass the block of dsi v1.44 firmware udpate was r4i gold 3ds card  from r4ids.cn . This is the world first card to be announced supporting at present,cheers ! I think,more and more cards will join this list.Let’s wait for.

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