Rumour or Truth : Supercard DSTwo for 3DS that does not require an original DS to update?

Came across,i saw this thread in GBA forum that Flashcart for 3DS that does not require an original DS to update. This is a sharing news from one of players who has succeed in updating his dstwo by means of this way and he posted here for sharing to help those person who need it. Personally to say,i didnt test this method before,so i quotated from the original post and hope it will useful for your gays

Original post :

Q : So I bought a 3DS XL a couple of weeks ago. I updated it to the most recent firmware. I used to have a regular DS, which has since been given to a younger cousin.

I have a Supercard DSTwo, but it apparently cannot update to be compatible with the most recent firmware without having an original DS. Are there any carts right now that are compatible with the 3DS XL that do not need an original DS to update?

A : actually the dstwo can update with the 3dsxl even on a new firmware. You need to rename the dstwoupdate.dat file to dstwoupdateb.dat, stick it in the root of your micro sd card. try to run the cart and you will get the blocking error message. Just keep the 3ds on for at least 3 mins, and your card will be updated (it uses the power of the 3ds to complete the update, do not turn it off early). You will not see any progress bar or any notice of the update being completed, when enough time has passed, just turn off your 3ds, DELETE the dstwoupdateb.dat file and turn your 3ds back on .”

It seems that if we have updated our console before updating our supercard dstwo ,then we just need change one file name,dstwoupdate.dat file to dstwoupdateb.dat ,then it works.haha ,if it’s really,i think,it will help many players who suffering the updating problem.

Yet,still a users that there still have some limits ,if you want use this method. First,you have to assure your DSTWO has the “ALEX RIDER” icon ,then you can update it on any 3ds with the alternative method.

I dont know this is really or just a rumour, i didnt test it before. Does anybody who tested ? What’s more,i will give  my dstwo a shot ,later i will share my experience here too.In fact,now,many store provide pre-flashed dstwo,so you can use it out of box and dont need any updating after you received,such as, .You can buy 3ds flashcart ,you can go to here : wholesale 3ds flashcart

3 Responses to Rumour or Truth : Supercard DSTwo for 3DS that does not require an original DS to update?

  1. Guybrush says:

    Damn, it actually works.

  2. Sam says:

    My bad… It worked! Sorry for claiming earlier that it did not work…. APPROVED!

    Thank you guys so much for this alternative method!!!!!!

  3. Dmitry says:

    It actually works! I’ve updated my 3ds (firmware 7.1.0) with this method

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